Thursday, November 4, 2010

Brady Eammon Krusich

BIG Update....

Obviously I'm pregnant. I'm just now at 20 weeks, half way done. It's hard to believe. Ian is stripping and staining my grandma's old furniture for the a moderate pace. We (Ian) will be painting the nursery in the near future. The bedding has been ordered and we have purchased our Broncos and KU onesies. There is still plenty to do!!!

Ian has settled in working with Dr. Charles Kimes, some people didn't know that he switched offices. Things are going well.

I will officially complete my Masters program through KU come December!!! My official graduation ceremony will be in May when I get to walk the hill!!!

Christmas music is now being played on the radio, my fave! I would decorate the house for Christmas but I'm afraid visitors would frown upon that....don't anyone come over for a while.

Oh....and baby Krusich's name is Brady Eammon Krusich!