Monday, June 13, 2011

The Nivens' were here!!!

Tyler, Sarah, and Riley Nivens came to visit from Columbia last weekend! Riley really wanted to meet Brady. Riley is about 7 1/2 months old but Brady pretty much weighs the same as her....woops :)

Tyler and Ian went golfing Saturday morning while Sarah, Riley, Brady, and I went shopping and to my parents house for a while! When the boys returned, Sarah and I went to get pedicures and enjoy a much needed happy hour at Tanners all to ourselves!

It was fun to have the Nivens' here, having another couple with a baby to spend time with makes the boring nights not so boring!

Below are a few pics that we got of the weekend....pretty much just Riley because she's a ham...... :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Uncle Eammon moved in again!!!

Eammon recently got a job with Traveler's insurance. He is now living in our guest quarters while saving money to eventually get his own place soon! We love company, especially Eammon! He likes to mow the yard :) Brady likes to have uncle Eammon here too, they watch basketball together and fist pump when there is a good play!

KU Graduation Ceremony

On May 22nd I officially graduated from the University of Kansas with a Masters in Special Education. When starting the program I felt that I would NEVER be done with school, but it happened. I can officially say that I will never go back to school and I am satisfied with my degrees! Ian, my mom, Bob, Courtney, and my aunt Leanne were in attendance. It was a HOT day. The black gown really helped too.

I walked the hill, which is apparently the BIG deal for KU, Ian was able to find me and video tape me walking into the stadium :) He's so dedicated.

The ceremony was quick which was nice. 2 planes flew overhead trying to skywrite a "KU" which didn't look much like KU, it was just distracting!

We sang our Rock Chalk and called it a day!!!

Thanks so much to my husband and fam for making it out, I really appreciate it! And thanks to aunt Danielle for watching Brady that day :)