Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Yard Work????

Ian and I decided to update the landscaping in the front yard...BAD idea! Not only did it take all of Sunday, but it consisted of 10 trash bags full of mulch, some borrowed tools from Chris (thanks!), a few minor arguments :) and a borrowed truck to dump the mulch at my dad's shop (thanks Chris and dad!!!)

Note: yard work is now optional for Jess!


  1. Well at least post a picture! Oh and yes, I know the hard work of yard work. We just redid our mulch and plants in the front yard! At least I could play the pregnancy card!

  2. Just wanting a picture too Sarah!! I'm picturing Ian working and Jess standing there with her arms crossed micromanaging :)

  3. Oh WOW....more than micromanaging.....judging, scolding, bitching, harassing, etc.... But gosh he's great, he finished it all and it only took the entire day :)

    *Do you want a picture of me micromanaging or the new landscaping?