Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

Ian and I celebrated Valentine's Day by going out to eat and exchanging gifts! He of course had to throw me off and send flowers to our house Friday. It doesn't matter what day they come in my opinion, it's flowers!!! He then told me that we had dinner reservations on Friday. I then told him that his brother was coming in town that night. So he then told me we had reservations on Saturday. I said "what time do I need to be ready?" He replied "it starts at 6:45." It???? So I'm thinking, ok we're going to the dinner theater or something like that. I was a little worried to go b/c I was tired, my back hurt, you get the drill!

We head to dinner on Saturday, not towards the dinner theater. I'm thinking, please don't just drive around town to confuse me, I have no patience. When he turned onto 119th towards Roe I was stumped. We then pulled into Ya Ya's and I said "why did you tell me it started at 6:45?" His reply, "When did I say that?" Ugh........ So he didn't even know he threw me off, he was just being Ian.

We had a great know, the kind where they let you "try" the wine before pouring the entire glass. We both just wanted to say "it's good buddy, we don't need to sniff and taste!"

We exchanged gifts too! I bought the typical cologne and chocolate and he got me 3 more Pandora charms for my bracelet, he's the best! If you're not sure what the Pandora bracelets look like, I've included a pic of my bracelet.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. Love the new blog layout!

    Lol! You crack me up. Nice work Ian!!