Sunday, June 12, 2011

KU Graduation Ceremony

On May 22nd I officially graduated from the University of Kansas with a Masters in Special Education. When starting the program I felt that I would NEVER be done with school, but it happened. I can officially say that I will never go back to school and I am satisfied with my degrees! Ian, my mom, Bob, Courtney, and my aunt Leanne were in attendance. It was a HOT day. The black gown really helped too.

I walked the hill, which is apparently the BIG deal for KU, Ian was able to find me and video tape me walking into the stadium :) He's so dedicated.

The ceremony was quick which was nice. 2 planes flew overhead trying to skywrite a "KU" which didn't look much like KU, it was just distracting!

We sang our Rock Chalk and called it a day!!!

Thanks so much to my husband and fam for making it out, I really appreciate it! And thanks to aunt Danielle for watching Brady that day :)

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